Jacob C. Hammes


Love Lot - (View From Ruth St.)


Jacob C Hammes
Love Lot

Outdoor installation on the site of Prevention Point’s offices

The Love Lot is an empty asphalt lot next to the offices of Prevention Point Philadelphia where aid is administered to Kensington residents facing addiction, homlessness, food insecurity, and lack of medical treatment.  In 2022 I partnered with Mural Arts to design and fabricate a community space in this lot to assist with the harm-reduction goals of Prevention Point.  

The first phase involved two months of research, volunteering with PPP to understand the needs of the community and the potential of the Love Lot.  This included serving food and distributing syringes, and leading art making activities.  Once my design was accepted we began fabrication of murals, a tiled memorial wall, gardens, and a rainwater collection system.  

The second phase of the project in 2023 involved fabrication of benches, street lights, and converting a shipping container into a solar-powered kitchen where hot meals can be distributed.  


Love Lot - (View from SE corner)




Love Lot - (Fruit Mural/Yimby Mural)



Love Lot - Solar Kitchen



Love Lot - (Sunshine Water Tower)




Love Lot - (Rose Garden/Waves Mural)




Love Lot - (Community Workshops)


Love Lot - (Memory Wall)



Love Lot - (Sunshine Mural)



Love Lot - (Painter's Wall)




Love Lot - (Solar Street Lights)




Love Lot - (Rolling Gardens)




Love Lot - Install team