Jacob C. Hammes


Jacob C Hammes
Pond Proposal no. 5
installation featuring water powered kinetic sculpture, electronics, light, sound, vinyl text, cast bronze, concrete, mirrored glass, and motivational posters

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Jacob C Hammes: Pond Theory

Information space, April 2019

For Immediate Release:

Information is pleased to announce our inaugural exhibition: Pond Theory, A solo show by Philadelphia artist Jacob C Hammes.  In Hammes’ recent work, the idea of monument is explored with a perverted bluntness, with precarious fountains spitting water; cast concrete blocks featuring quotes, jokes, and aphorisms; motivational posters making ominous declarations, and kinetic sound-sculptures as time-keeping devices.

Within the familiar framework of monument as an object to commemorate, memorialize, and preserve, Hammes refocuses attention on its ability to hypnotize, tranquilize, satirize, mourn, and aestheticize political experience.  In this instance, an uneasy connection between time and labor are examined in an allegorical narrative discussing a theory of ponds and fountains as industrial soothsayer.  Delivered in a frustratingly soothing business-speak, the text and audio narration of pond theory is indeterminate, allowing humor, absurdity, and perverse material relationships to develop - the pond becomes a tool of manipulation for the production of intimacy between business and client, in a satire exposing anxieties over labor alienation, social unrest, climate change, and sublime encounters with nature.


Jacob C Hammes
Pond Theory
vinyl text






Jacob C Hammes
Pond Proposal no. 6
installation featuring water powered kinetic sculpture, electronics, fluorescent ight, sound, cast bronze, charred wood, welded steel




Alarm (Series) 2015-2019

Kinetic sculptures featuring guitars, amplifiers, and effects pedals, controlled by timer circuits and motors. Each piece is concieved as an alarm clock, where the timer circuit is programmed to start and stop at specific times of day significant to the common (and personal) experiences of wage labor and unemployment. The sculptures "Chime" to alert these times:


7:30am - Awaken and get ready for work

8:15am - Begin Commute to work

9:00am - Clock in

10:30am - First coffee/cigarette Break

12:00pm - Lunch

2:30pm - Second Cigarette Break

5:00pm - Clock Out

11:00pm - Sleep



10:30am - Awaken

11:00am - The Price is Right

1:00pm - Oprah

2:30pm - Breakfast/Lunch

3:00pm - Begin Job Search

4:00pm - Cartoons

8:00pm - Go to Bar

2:00am - Sleep