Jacob C. Hammes



Jacob C Hammes
Halfway to Entropy: Hypnotherapy Center for Creative Exploration and Self Improvement

The Storefront
2606 N. California
Chicago, IL 60647July/August 2011 - check calendar for specific dates and times.
Closing and book release reception date forthcoming.

During the summer and fall of 2011, The Storefront at 2606 N. California will be hosting an experimental hypnotherapy office under the direction of artist Jacob C. Hammes, providing free services for creative exploration through trance and altered-consciousness. During drop-in hours or by appointment, visitors to The Storefront are encouraged to collaborate on the development of customized hypnotic experiences for creativity and self-improvement.
The focus of these sessions is to explore the relationship between submission and control that develop within the specific parameters of an induced trance. The investigation seeks to strike a balance between the expression of ideas in a collaborative work and the power dynamics of the trance-inducing process. This situation, that is paradoxically both limiting and expansive, calls into question conventional notions of creative control and authorship. Exploring the dynamics of creative production through the heightened experience of sensory phenomenon is the central theme of Hammes’ residency and exhibition. Each session focuses on conjuring a unique experience using hypnotic suggestions customized for each participant. Services available include: memory enhancement, addiction treatment, synesthesia and sensory-modification, weight loss, astral projection, stress therapy, past-life regression, and various forms of focused visualization.
Hammes’ summer-long residency will end with an exhibition featuring the release of a publication entitled “Halfway Through Entropy” a software-generated text embodying "big picture" notions of infinity, randomness, and evolution. The Storefront will maintain a publicly-viewable online calendar that serves as a signup sheet for those interested in scheduling a hypnosis session. In addition, special hypnosis sessions will be held periodically with a roster of artists and musicians. All sessions are open to the public to observe. (Private sessions also available). The first session will be held on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 7pm.

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